Weekend Rewind is Available for Retransmission

Weekly 3-Hour Program Offers 6-Local Avails

IF YOU ARE A RADIO STATION, online streamer, or another type of music programmer, 28 episodes of Dan Acree’s Weekend Rewind are available for retransmission, at no cost. There is no monetizing content in any episode. To learn more visit here.

The 3-hour weekly program targets Adults 35+ with hits from Billboard’s Hot 100® chart spanning 1980-1999. Each week, “Dan Acree’s Weekend Rewind” spotlights a different year and season. The first show featured Summer 1981.

Care has been taken to avoid “dating” the episodes. Practically speaking, you can air any episode on any date. However, we do recommend that episodes be run in sequence. All episodes include a “coming up next week” promo in the closing segment, naming the featured date.

The 070421 Episode 49 is a special featuring all One-Hit-Wonders for the U.S. Fourth of July Independence Day Celebration.