Remember the Music.
Remember the Good Times.
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Weekend Rewind is a weekly 3-hour radio program hosted by veteran personality Dan Acree. Featuring a different month and year each week, Dan plays the hottest hits on Billboard magazine’s Hot 100 music chart, the biggest moments in entertainment, and the most important pop culture trends in America—from 1980 through 1999.

We remember the top-rated TV shows, best-selling movies, hottest new products, and what was happening in our world.

The music we listened to growing up—especially during our school years—is like a timestamp on the timeline of our lives. It reminds us of our friends and experiences. Weekend Rewind brings those days and our best memories back to life.

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See how many celebrities you can identify from Dan’s personal collection over the years.

Music is the timeline of our lives. Weekend Rewind takes us back to the years where our best memories were made.
—Dan Acree