IF YOU ARE A RADIO STATION, online streamer, or another type of music programmer, 28 episodes of Dan Acree’s Weekend Rewind are available for retransmission, at no cost. There is no monetizing content in any episode.

The music we listened to growing up—especially during our school years—is like a timestamp on the timeline of our lives. It reminds us of our friends and experiences. Dan Acree’s Weekend Rewind brought those days and our best memories back to life on each of the 56 shows we produced.

When I started this project on August 2, 2020, it was an opportunity to return to radio—my first love and best job. Those who know me understand my need to talk to people. Radio allowed sharing of stories and music in the largest room possible.

The greater part of my life has been doing things I am passionate about and enjoy doing. Radio is at the top of that list. While I take a break from this project, I am working on new ideas for the format.

Every Great Opportunity Comes from Someone Who Believes in You

Along the way, I was inspired by every radio DJ I ever heard. But it was the disc jockeys and personalities of the ’60s and ’70s who I followed and emulated. Some of whom I met, worked with, and became mentors and friends.

In the beginning, it was Malcolm “Mickey” Reed at KOKL-AM 1240 who invited me into the studio when I was 13 years old to see radio being done; to Gary Owens who let me be his gopher at KMPC 710; Dick “Haynes At The Reins” Haynes at KFOX-AM 1280 who got me hired for overnights when I was still in high school; Wolfman Jack who hired me in 1978 to work with him in Hollywood; to Rick Dees who helped me get hired at KIIS-FM 102.3 Los Angeles in the mid-80s; and Bob “Hammy” Hamilton who hired me at KSFO-AM 560 and KYA-FM 93.3 in the ’90s. And all those GM’s, PD’s and owners who hired me along the way. Every step of the way, someone believed in me and gave me an opportunity.

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Music is the timeline of our lives. Weekend Rewind takes us back to the years where our best memories were made.
—Dan Acree